Enterprise Architecture

To succeed in today’s dynamic business landscape, it is not enough to simply adapt but continually innovate. Change is the new Normal – new partners, new business opportunities and new technologies are today’s “business as usual”. Avme thrives on continuous and accelerated change. Whether you are facing a merger or a major reorganization, moving to cloud or upgrading legacy systems, Avme can help. Our approach to Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) keeps Business and IT aligned.

[ Client Focused Design ]

Avme believes Innovation means a practical and hands-on approach that is focused on delivering real business benefits. We provide our clients an Innovation Model that provides valuable insights to address the real-world challenges with successful implementation of Technology.

Architecture Assessments, Strategy, Design and Delivery

DevOps, Cloud Engineering and Web-scale Architectures

Contemporary Digital and Lean Architectures

Microservices, API Management and Event-Driven Architectures

Next-Generation IoT and VR/AR Architectures

Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Architectures